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Ethical, yes, but what does it mean?

For us, it means that every detail of our beautiful Baby Wraps has been designed with quality and sustainability in mind. Our unique fabric is made of the softest and most luxurious ethical knit, produced from the birchwood trees of the Austrian forests. The result is heavenly light, strong and free of harmful chemicals. Naturally stretchy, our Wraps are so comfortable they can be worn by you and baby in the summer and winter alike.


100% Botanical Fibers

Our raw material

Our yarn is manufactured from the renewable source of raw material beech wood, sourced from sustainable forests in Austria and neighboring countries.

Produced using the latest Lenzing Edelweiss® technology, they are the only man-made fibres which are carbon neutral, consuming less fossil energy than even cotton.

Our Austrian partner uses a unique closed loop production process, which recycles water and solvent at more than 99%, with the lowest environmental impact in the textile industry.


Knitting, dying & finishing

Our Textile

We wanted the very best and spent months finding the right European factory for our Baby Wraps. Our partner in Lithuania is a multiple Award-winning production facility and an industry leader in the Baltics, Part of the Detox campaign of Greenpeace, they are at the forefront of innovation in terms of sustainability and welfare.

Here, the raw yarns are transformed into knitted fabric, which is then dyed, washed and finished. All are products are fully OEKO TEX Class I certified, the strictest human-ecological requirements for baby products.


Cutting, Sewing, Washing & Packing

Our Ethical Production

Once the fabric has been dyed according to our specific Pantone colours, printed and finished, the assembly and sewing process begins. Our Lithuanian partner caters for many UK and European clothing and fashion brands and places a huge emphasis on providing a safe and comfortable work place for its employees. Seamsters and seamstresses are encouraged to be creative and and take part in regular training activities to improve their skills.

We have built strong personal relationships throughout the supply chain to ensure that our baby wraps are perfect every step of the way.