Top 5 reasons to love your Baby Wrap Carrier


Hi mums and dads!

If you’re wonderfully pregnant or are the perplex parent of a newborn, you may wonder what this whole baby wrap carrier thing is all about. You’ve seen the pictures and controversy of Daniel Craig and his “papoose” (come on, James Bond can totally pull it off!), or Sienna Miller and Julia Roberts rocking their baby wraps. The truth is, baby wraps are becoming more and more popular amongst new parents, and here is why.

Top 5 Reasons to be using a Baby Wrap in 2019:  

  1. Baby wraps are great for the newborn stage. Baby wraps are designed for newborns and can be used immediately post-birth, as soon as both you and baby are fit and well. Carrying your little one close to you is especially great in the early days, as it helps them return to the womb-like environment they were so recently in, where your heartbeat is clear and soothing to them.

  2. Soft and comfortable on your baby’s skin.  Most baby stretchy wraps are made of a blend of cotton with spandex. Our Baby Bee Of London wraps are different! Our unique fabric is made of the softest and most luxurious sustainable knit, produced from 100% botanic fibres. It is so comfortable that it can be worn all day, summer and winter alike.

  3. Easy to use: Using a baby wrap can seem a bit daunting at first but it’s actually really easy, we promise. Most mums and dads feel confident wearing their little one after only one or two practice runs. Watch our tutorials for detailed instructions.  

  4. Can help babies with gas or reflux: being close to mum or dad is soothing and reassuring if your baby is upset. More importantly, keeping your baby upright is a natural way to  help them keep acid down, and get those bowels moving.  

  5. Great for travelling:  A great advantage of Baby Wraps is that they can be pre-tied before baby is put in and can be kept on all day. Perfect for those long queues at the airport or the Eurostar! We recommend tying up your wrap under your jacket before you leave home, so you’re ready to put your little one in whenever you need to. Your wrap can remain on you all day if you wish, simply pop your little one in and out as needed between feeding and nappy changes. Just remember to check that the wrap is tight and that your little one is safely positioned every time. We’ve tested this one many times, and hands free, what a bliss!

At Baby Bee Of London, we are passionate about creating beautiful, ethical and sustainable baby wraps for babies in the first year. Find out more about our journey and our story.